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3W Right Hand Drive Tesla Model Y(2021-2024) TPE All Weather Double layer Floor mats+Front Trunk Mat + Rear Storage Mat + Rear Trunk Mat UKCA quality certification

3W Right Hand Drive Tesla Model Y(2021-2024) TPE All Weather Double layer Floor mats+Front Trunk Mat + Rear Storage Mat + Rear Trunk Mat UKCA quality certification

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【British roads】Designed for UK roads, suitable for all roads with right-hand driving
【Double layer configuration】The upper layer of the car mat can absorb dust and prevent it being airborne in the car.The lower layer is waterproof and fully covers the car floor to protect it. The lower layer can be used separately without the upper layer if desired.
【Custom Design】Keep your Tesla Model Y's interior looking brand new with these high-quality car mats from 3W. Made from durable materials, these mats will protect your car's floor from dirt, spills, and stains. The mats are custom-fit for the Model Y and feature a non-slip backing to keep them securely in place. The mat is designed with zones to help you keep your items organized and has a special pattern on the surface to prevent items from slipping.
【UKCA certification】 ensures product safety, high quality, and increased durability through rigorous quality and safety testing
【Easy to install and maintain】These car mats are a must-have accessory for any Tesla Model Y owner. Simply shake them out to remove excess dirt and debris, or Or vacuum for a more thorough cleaning. When they get really dirty, the mats can be scrubbed with water for your convenience.
【Four Seasons Use】These car mats are perfect for all seasons, as they are weatherproof, stain-resistant, waterproof, and non-slip. They will protect your carpet from rain, snow, mud, and other elements
【Pet Friendly】In addition, these car mats are pet-friendly, made of healthy and environmentally-friendly materials that won't cause allergies or harm to your furry friends.
【All Model Y models】They are compatible with all models of the Model Y (2021-2023). Model Y, Model Y Long Range, Model Y Performance
【24-Month Warranty】With a 24-month quality guarantee, you can trust in the high quality of these car mats. Don't settle for generic car mats that don't fit your Model Y properly - choose the 3W brand for a perfect fit and top-notch protection. Order yours today!



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Care Instructions

No matter if there is dust, dirt or sand on the mat, it only takes a few minutes to wash it off with water or a damp towel.

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Tesla Model Y Customized 7-Piece Cushion Set

Waterproof / Anti-slip / Easy to clean

The mats are custom-fit for the Model Y

Full TPE Materials

Made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) from Sweden's HEXPOL brand.

There is no odor even in high temperature, providing a safe and comfortable interior environment for you and your family.

Custom Design

Tailored for the trunk of Tesla Model Y through 3D laser scanning, fully fitting, effectively preventing the intrusion of sand, snow and water.

Double layer configuration

The upper material is soft and more comfortable,
It can be removed separately for easier cleaning.

Sophisticated Design

Each car mat has its own design language and incorporates design elements of the respective car model.

All Weather Protection

Weatherproof, stain-resistant, water-resistant and slip-resistant, it protects your carpet from rain, snow, snow and mud and protects your car during a typical winter or summer.