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3W Custom Expanded screen storage space for Tesla Model Y / Model 3,non-slip storage, Blacko

3W Custom Expanded screen storage space for Tesla Model Y / Model 3,non-slip storage, Blacko

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【Global brand】3W is a partner of Tesla Owners UK and a professional brand. We have global sales in the United Kingdom, United States, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and China. All of our products are designed and manufactured by 3W.     
【Custom Design】 Tesla Model Y/3 screen and center console data scanning, precision manufacturing. Perfectly matched to the upper and lower parts of the screen and the center console, providing effective storage space expansion. The product features an anti-slip design in the storage area to prevent items from sliding. Available in black and white, it complements the interior color, enhancing the overall quality of the car's interior.                                   
【Premium Materials】Made with high-quality acrylic and silicone materials. Prevents premature aging of the product, extending its lifespan.                                
【Easy Installation】Simple magnetic installation, firmly secured without damaging the original car interior. Utilizes third-generation neodymium iron boron powerful magnets, maintaining magnetic strength in any environment.



Shipping & Returns

We ship all over the UK.  We offer free shipping to our customers and track shipping information for each order.

Care Instructions

No matter if there is dust, dirt or sand on the mat, it only takes a few minutes to wash it off with water or a damp towel.

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Tesla Model 3/Y Magnetic storage box

Customized design with both appearance and functionality.

Full TPE Materials

Made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) from Sweden's HEXPOL brand.

There is no odor even in high temperature, providing a safe and comfortable interior environment for you and your family.

Magnetic storage box

Hierarchical design, expanding more functional areas.
Reserve ETC exclusive space for easier travel.


After testing, accessing items at the bottom of the screen is more convenient and labor-saving, in line with ergonomics.

Double strong magnetic attraction

Adopting the third-generation neodymium iron boron strong magnet, it does not decay in summer and has stronger suction.
No need for drilling or screws, magnetic suction disassembly is simpler and more convenient, and it can be installed and used anytime!